Tendrils of Darkness

Helping the Hill Giants

After leaving the contentious scene at the temple of Pelor, the party once again starts up the road toward Stonemeet and the Festival of Rings, guarding the brewmaster Zoltan’s haul of fine meads and ales.

As they are traveling along, the goliath Daelarok spots some familiar-looking tracks, and bring the caravan to a halt. Recently Daelarok had broken away from the main group to search for those who might be behind the recent spate of attacks by underdark races on giant clans of the area. These footprints were definitely drow in nature.

Through a small copse of trees the heroes spy a hill giant and his two female mates, huddled around a campfire. They are scared and easily frightened, and raise their weapons upon seeing the party. Daelarok is able to calm them and convince the giants that they mean no harm. The male giant told the party that they were traveling south to a great council of giants, to discuss these attacks and what they could do to confront and stop them. That was when the party noticed the trees moving in the small clearing around them. They had just enough time to react before being ambushed by drow!

With their cyclops guards, the drow descended upon the giants and heroes with ferocity, and although the heroes fought bravely, one of the female hill giants fell in battle. Gracious of the help the heroes offered, the hill giant male gave them an animal-bone whistle and told them “If you need us, use this. You blow it, we come”, they said, and then departed south.

As soon as they turned from this, they were greeted by an unhappy site. An eladrin druid, flanked by two very unhappy owlbears, and holding a large grety and brown mottled egg in his hands.

“You have much explaining to do” The druid said.



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