Tendrils of Darkness

Into the Underdowns

Never trust a Drow who wants to take you into a cave

The party agreed to accompany Captain Xytan into a system of caverns in the nearby Underdowns to retrieve a special “reward” that Xytan said she lost while traveling to the rendezvous place. They encountered a number of gigantic spiders that had made their home in a cavern above a quick-moving stream. The spiders had webbed up a part of the cave ceiling where there were many loose rocks, and dropped a pile of heavy rocks onto the party as they fought.

After dispatching the spiders and retrieving some goodies from the previous victims’ corpses, Captain Xytan was abducted by a band of Chitines – spider-like humanoids that inhabit the underloathe drow. The Chitines said they were taking the “filthy drow” back to their “mother” so she could feed her babies…



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