Tendrils of Darkness

Journey Through Shadows

No one said questing in the Shadowfell would be easy

The party arrived at the House of Black Lanterns tired and weary from their battle with the vampire and her undead minions, and got a room for the night. Grog made the acquaintance of an Orc Shaman of Gruumsh, and was able to get a little religion in. Whisperwind drank a lot of Gloomwrought wine, and learned that Shadowfell hang-overs were even worse than those in the Natural World.

There were three Shadar-Kai (brutal humanoids native to the Shadowfell that thrive on life, worship the Raven Queen, and know that pain and pleasure are the only ways to keep the desolation and despair of the Shadowfell at bay) playing a drinking game involving a sharp dagger, gold coins, and a lot of booze. The bartender showed the party a map of their surrounding, with the tavern at a crossroads. The black sundial pointed them southwest, but the only thing that the map showed in that direction was the massive city of the undead. Moil, the City that Waits.

Leaving the next morning, the party visited the small store there, and then left, travelling Southwest. They saw one of the Shadar-Kai, mounted on a large black steed, heading down the road ahead of them. As they traveled down the wide path, they came across a wrecked wagon, and two large Dark Trolls sifting through the bodies and supplies. Qamodeus valiantly charged into battle, and Whisperwind, Grod, and Panterra all joined in the fray.

After one of the trolls dropped from Panterra’s searing fire spells, the other brought a large black ram’s horn to its lips and blew a long, low call. Shortly afterwards a mass of black shadow, wings, and claws lighted into the middle of path, and a ferocious adolescent Shadow Dragon arrived. Chastising the party for disrupting the work of its servants, the Dragon weakened the party with its dark breath weapon, and formed the darkness around the heroes into a massive Shadow Horror; the stuff of nightmares.

Panterra threw down the murky brown gem that Capatin Xytan gave them, and an Earth Elemental stepped out of the cloud of smoke to engage the dragon. The sounds of battle traveled through the dreary landscape as the two sides waged war, but the heroes triumphantly dispatched the troll and the dragon, and the shadow horror dissipated when its master was slain.

From the supplies of the wrecked wagon, the party scrounged some gold and fine pair of brocade boots of Eagerness, that allow the wearer added movement across the battlefield.

Arriving that evening in the Shadar-Kai settlement of Queen’s Hilt, the party was greeted by the same Shadar-Kai warrior they saw at the House of Black Lanterns that morning. He hailed them as Ronok, head of the guard of the village. When they mentioned the name of the wizard Faldred, he said that they should meet the town’s premiere, the sorcerer Aragrym. He pointed them to the town’s tavern, and told them to wait until they were summoned.



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