Tendrils of Darkness

Owlbears Only

Travelling on the road to Stonemeet, the party was intercepted by an angry pair of owlbears, who immediately attacked the caravan. The two huge creatures focused their attacks on the mage Panterra, who was holding the large egg. She used a mage hand spell to take the egg out of her bag, and the owlbears broke off their attack and stole away into the woods with the ill-gotten egg. But not before severely mauling the caravan driver Zoltan, putting him close to death.

The party asked the young apprentice Aerik where the egg had come from, and he told them Zoltan had purchased it from bandits before reaching Grovedale.

Later in the journey, they came across a band of orcs who had killed one fire giant and bound another to the ground and knocked him unconscious. The goliath Daelarok inquired of the orcs why they were binding the giant, and the orcs became very defensive and argumentative, and reached for their weapons.

After dispatching the orcs, and freeing the fire giant, they found a contract written on parchment on the orc’s leader. It was from a King Ronaragar, and it was offering gold rewards for any surface giant brought to him alive. Not knowing who this Ronaragar was, the party continued on.

With the early morning, they approached the temple of Pelor, only to find that the temple lay under siege. Several encampments of followers of Erathis surrounded the temple, their campfires raising pillars of smoke against the morning sky.



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