Tendrils of Darkness

Temple Siege

The party was greeted warmly by paladins of Erathis, who said they were allowed along the road, but were forbidden from entering the temple. When the party asked who was in charge, they were directed to High Paladin Parthos, camped in a large tent close to the road.

Parthos was a stern but honest man with a look of someone with many troubles. He mentioned that his good friend (forgot his name) was the head of the temple of Pelor, and in the past the two shared a very good rapport. But, with the recent departure of the God Pelor from the shining city of Hestavar, and away from his Queen the Goddess Erathis, the relationship between the churches had become strained and combative.

For his part, Parthos only wants to be able to parlay with his friend, but the guards of the temple have prevented any followers of Erathis from entering. For this reason, Parthos decided to lay siege to the temple until he could receive answers from his friend. Parthos asks the party if they would be willing to enter the temple and speak with the high priest, to try and get him to allow Parthos to speak with him, and they agree.

Upon entering the temple, the party finds that not only are the followers of Pelor in the chapel worshipping, but a contingent of black-robed figures sit silently in pews on one side of the chapel. Further inspection of the mysterious forms revealed them to be normal humans and humanoid races, but bearing no symbols or betraying any sound. WHen they spoke to the high priest after the service, revealing their intention, he swiftly swept them into his personal chambers after securing their vows to keep the truth a secret.

In the high priests’s chambers, there sat a slender female, clad in a robe of black feathers and wearing the symbology of the Raven Queen, whom he introduced to the party as Priestess Hyacinth. While he did not say exactly what her business in the temple of Pelor was, he did request that the party escort Hyacinth and her black-robed charges out of the temple through a hidden passage, so as to escape the notice of the Erathis contingent. He promised to repay them with a powerful magic relic if they did this, and they agreed. The high priest revealed a trapdoor underneath a wooden chest with a ladder descending into the darkness.

While making their way through the caverns, the party encountered a clan of duergar, who had caught and bound a frost giant, and were maneuvering him through the narrow undergound caverns. The duergar immediately attacked the party, and the heroes responded in kind. They freed the frost giant, who also joined in defeating the duergar, and then made his departure. Hyacinth and her charges then followed through the passageways to a cave exit on the far side of the hills from the temple.

As they passed, one of the black-robed figures gave Ishmala a round stone medallion, looking much like a holy symbol, but devoid of any iconography. “For the future”, the figure said as he gave it to the Runepriest.

Upon returning to the temple, the party were given their reward, a very powerful hammer for the runepriest. They returned and reported to Parthos that his friend would see him now. “We have much to discuss” Parthos said as the party picked up their caravan with the recovering Zoltan and apprentice Aerik.



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