Chancellor of Keeperstown


Pierce is the chancellor of Keeperstown, and is charged with keeping the peace between the settlements of Giants in the mountains to the North, and the villages and town of the D’aer. He is a brusque man who keeps himself busy; whether out of necessity or just to avoid dealing with the problems of others is still unknown.

Although a former adventurer by trade, Pierce has a dislike of the hero-kind these days. He knows all-too-well that their presence tends to attract problems, and he wishes to have Keeperstown as trouble-free as possible. He will often volunteer any adventurers loitering about town to go off and slay one threat or another, and the coffers of the town’s budget help to facilitate this.

The only kind of trouble he does not allow adventurers to pursue is anything having to do with Giants. The purpose of this settlement, originally established by the dwarves at the end of the Great War, was specifically to keep peace and trade with the giants, and he will not allow anyone based in Keeperstown to cause trouble. After all, the treaty currently in place and his commitment to maintain it is the only thing keeping Keeperstown on the map.


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