Stonemeet The dwarven city on the border of Borogrymm’s Boot is where most of the dwarves live that do not work directly in the mines, or dwell in Grymmdel Keep. Most of these are tradesmen and artisans that do business with the other settlements of the Grymmol D’aer. Once a year in Stonemeet dwarves from all around come and participate in a festival of games.

Stonemeet is also the headquarters of the dwarven ringmaster’s guild, that craft magical items of great value and wealth. The Ringmasters are very powerful craftsmen and wizards that wield tremendous power in the region due to the nature of their products.

Borogrymm’s Boot This giant system of quarries and underground mines was originally established by King Borogrymm, and the underground city of Grymmdell was created in his name. The shape of the giant dwarven-made crater is shaped somewhat like a boot, and thus the name.

Upper/Lower Quarries The upper quarries are located in the “heel” of the Borogrymm’s Boot, and mostly produce lesser ores and crytsals. The lower quarries, and the entrance to Grymmdel, are in the area of the boot’s toe. The upper quarries are somewhat safer but more heavily guarded, since they are closer to the Underdowns, and many of the tunnels connect the two.

Many of the tunnels that once connected the lower quarries and the Underdowns have been collapsed for the security of Grymmdel, but rumors of secret tunnels still remain.

Cave of Wonders This place is a perfect example of a well-guarded but commonly-known secret, although the exact location is known only to a select few. It is rumored that magical crystals of great power grow here, along with underground flora usually only found in Feywild.

After the great Underwar, the Dwarves of Grymmdel and the Fomorian Kings of the Underdowns came to It is a place greatly coveted by the Drow and Fomorian settlements that live in the Underdowns.


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