History of the Grymoll D'aer

The valley of the Grymmoll D’aer is notable for two things: being the site of the initial invasion of the Steel Elves from the Feywild, and being the burial place of the dwarven king who overthrew them. As a result, in the short span of 200 years, it has become a melting pot of the many races of Olora, and a veritable hub of activity.

Surrounded in places by the mysterious Evermists, the Menarr Forest (the original Eladrin name for the forest is unknown by many of the common races) dominates the Eastern region of the valley, topped by the Feyfalls at the Northern end. Many monstrous creatures brought here from the Feywild stalk the woods, and the introverted elven tribes do not take kindly to travelers or curious strangers.

Lake Julex meets up against the western edge of the Menarr Forest, and is one of the largest inland bodies of water on the continent. The Eastern shore hosts the burgeoning settlement of Freeshore, where the sentient warforged golems left over from the Great War attempt to create their own way of life. The Southern tip of the lake also borders on the commonwealth of Igmolir, where some of the freed humanoids from the Steel Elf occupation try to shed their warring tribal lifestyle and live and trade with the more benevolent races.

The Sea of Memory lines the Southern borders, where many visitors come on Halfling vessels and dock in the harbors of either the Human city of Corval or the planar townships of Eversa. They come from all ends of the world to be a part of this bustling community.

The Grahz Mountains to the North play host to the allied Giant tribes, who enjoy a truce with the dwarven nations that arose from the Great War. Minotaur settlements struggle to find purchase here in the unyielding

Just under this towering mountain range is the rolling hills of the Underdowns, where the numerous underground caverns invite evil Drow, Mind Flayers, and other Underdark denizens to breach the surface world.

To the west of the Underdowns and just south of the dwarven town of Stonemeet, the Western Baronies make up the other agricultural area of the D’aer. The three barons and baroness that rule this loose collection of farmlands and villages enjoy a peaceful coalition that ensures protection from raiders and monsters, and provide foods to much of the civilized folk of the region.

Lining the West border of the Grymmoll D’aer are the White Cliffs, that lead down to the vast expanse of a desert known only as The Scorch. Dragonborn outposts are stationed at the two paths up the cliffs into the D’aer to dissuade invaders and protect the traveling tiefling merchants of their allied nations.

History of the Grymoll D'aer

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