Igmolir lies in the Southeaster part of the Grymmoll D’aer, and sits on verdant grasslands and fields. It is comprised of mostly farmlands, and its citizens till the land and try to live simple lives.

Most of the citizens are the remaining monstrous humanoids left over from the reign of the Steel Elves, that decided to abandon their races’ primitive tribal lifestyle, and they have created a thriving civilization that trades with cities and provides goods and services to neighboring villages.

Igmolir counts orcs, gnolls, hobgoblins, Kenku, kobolds, and even a couple of ogres amongst its citizens. A large number of half-orcs live here as well, including the mayor of the town, a gruff male named Belavro. He understands that the town’s secret to success is to remain competitive, and as such he aggressively negotiates contracts with the cities of Barrowdale and Eversa to provide wheats, grains, vegetables and fruits. It is this trade that keeps Igmolir’s people from degenerating back into warring tribes of monsters.

The guard of Igmolir keeps a very strict rule over the population and has a “zero-tolerance” rule against fighting or drawing arms. This is mostly to prevent the primitive blood within its citizens from boiling over and chaos breaking out in the streets.

The biggest threat to Igmolir lies to the South, in the mazelike canyons of the Nasties. Not only do tribes of the orcs and other humanoids that abandoned their slave heritage and returned to their previous way of live constantly threaten the village, but the abominations and strange creatures that live amongst the twisting rocks sometimes emerge and decide to start devouring crops and farmers alike.


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