The Evermists

Formed as a result of the Steel Elves’ worldfall into Olora, many think that one can enter the Feywild by going through the Evermists. They couldn’t be more wrong.

These planar anomolies carry a danger all their own… they are remnants of the tear in the universe’s fabric that occured when the worldfall was forced by planar magic into Olora. Because of this, the mists form a pocket universe all their own that a person can become lost in and never leave.

Some have claimed that they have successfully navigated the Evermists and emergeed into strange places like the Feywild, Shadowfell, even to the streets of Sigil. Often times, those who do emerge from the Evermists have gone completely mad from their wanderings. This leads some scholars to believe that the mists can even transport you to the Far Realm.

Most people realize the dangers of the Evermists and always stay clear of them, and others agree that is the best advice.

The Evermists

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