Welcome to Adventure!

The expansive land of Olora has long been home to many different types of adventurers, and its rolling mountain ranges, vast deserts, and steamy jungles have played host to heroes of all kinds. But now, as the shadows of evil grow over the small valley of Grimoll D’aer, it is time for justice to once again come calling.


The purpose of this campaign is as an introductory set of adventures to the world of Olora and the Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition game system. Players will participate virtually on a semi-regular basis through the use of the MapTool virtual game-board application.


The campaign is one of dark adventure and intrigue, in a land rife with magic and myth. Monsters roam the wilds of the countryside, and the small villages and town that dot the Merchant’s roads criss-crossing the land provide little protection against the forces of evil. It is only by the virtue of brave heroes and mysterious adventurers that the walls of these towns stand at all.


I plan on using Skype as the VOIP application. Players are strongly urged to use their own dice (and their honor) for rolling, and to keep an up-to-date copy of their character sheet provided to the Dungeon Master for reference.

The DM himself will be using spreadsheets and this website to keep track of the campaign. Player hand-outs will be provided to players via e-mail prior to gaming sessions. It is STRONGLY recommended that these hand-outs are not opened before being instructed to do so by the DM, since they are relevant to the happenings of the story at the time, and perusing them before-hand may provide spoilers that would decrease the gaming experience, both for you and the other players.


Any character class found in the PHB and PHB2, FR and Eberron Player’s guides are allowed, as are any of the PHB3 preview classes (including the hybrid rules). In addition, the Assassin class available only from the D&D Insider program can also be used.

All standard player races are allowed. In addition, there will also be a limited number of monster races that will be available for play. Stats for these monster races can be found in the Monster Manual and Monster Manual 2

Other than noted here, all standard 4th edition rules and official errata are in effect for this campaign.

Tendrils of Darkness