Tendrils of Darkness

City of Spiders

A running battle to save Captain Xytan from a bunch of Chitines

The party quickly chased after the Chitines that had kidnapped Captain Xytan, and pursued them back to a large cavern full of immense cocoon-like structures, suspended from the ceiling of the huge cave by strong weblines, and connected by broad web passageways. The adventurers fought wave after wave of chitines as they invaded their home.

Battling their way deep into the chitine city, the party found the Chitine Queen, a massive Drider-like creature, in a large throne room. On an altar towards the back of this large chamber they saw Captain Xytan, bound and unconscious, and surrounded by wriggling web cocoons. The Queen had plenty of chitine warriors guarding her, as well as an Umber Hulk and Intellect Devourer as pets!

The party fought a long and hard battle against the large force protecting the queen, and during the battle, the cocoons began breaking open and small spiderlings crawled out and started feasting on Captain Xytan! The brave companions had to act quickly to destroy the monsters and tiny spiders to prevent Xytan from meeting a horrible death. They defeated the queen and her army, and were able to stabilize Captain Xytan from certain death.



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